Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wine in New Hampshire

This past weekend Ariana and I took a little trip up to Concord.

 Our First stop as Coffin Cellars a small operation in Webster NH with some unique Wines
 By small operation I mean its liberality run out of the owners Garage and Ariana always feels a bit like we are unannounced guest. Still the wines were excellent. Jalapeno wine is the producers special offering and you really should try it.  I gave it a try it tasted like green peppers at first and then hit you with some real heat. not something I would sip but you could do it as shots or some thing to mix in cocktails.  It could also be nice addition to a chefs arsenal in the kitchen.
 The Webster meeting house is next door and with my love of colonial building I had to snap a picture

The next stop was Hunting Whisper Vineyards.  The fog was very thick all day almost hiding the vines
and farm house from view. Ariana liked the visitors center they had.  The wines were good to Ariana picked up a bottle of Raspberry and I got a bottle their Syrah and of their Sunapee red.
Black Powder gun on the wall I have to take a picture. 
We next headed off to find Ruggles mines because Ariana had seen signs for it and was curious. The mine was closed but not far from it was this odd house.
Any one with a cannon even an obviously fake one in their front yard is some one I want to get to know
They were closed but if I pass this way again and they are not I may check them out.
Finally some shots of houses and other sights around Concord form our leisurely dive home on Sunday.

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