Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hampton Beach 1st trip of 2013

 When I met Ariana a few years ago I was not familiar with Hampton Beach, something she couldn't believe at the time. I am a south shore boy with several beaches in his home town of Marshfield why would I go to a beach in New Hampshire. Anyway some times I think Ariana is trying to make up for this by getting me to go as often as I can.  She love the place and its become special to me as well.
 A few Years ago 2011 I believe Hampton made some major renovations and this building was one of the up grades.  Providing a tourist information center, a first and station and improved staging for shows.  They also upgraded the restroom facilities in a major way.  The did lose the changing rooms which is unfortunate
 One of Ariana's favorite places on the board walk.
 Ariana insisted we take of our shoes it was reasonalbly warm but....
 Not warm enough to do this in my opinion! I think my feet were still cold when I got to bed.
 Horse tracks something you do not see every day here on Hampton Beach
 Surf was high but the water was way to cold to enjoy it.
 We took the long way home making detour to Plum Island to see the light house (our second trip here)
 Sunset looking back over the Merrimack river
The moon over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

America at the Casino Ball Room Hampoton Beach

 Ariana and headed up to Hampton Beach.  Ari's mother had won us the tickets to the America Concert but first it was time for the first trip to Markey's Lobster pound of the year.
 Lisa Bouchelle was the opening act and frankly a forgettable one.  Half the time we could not understand her I thought it might be the acoustics but... we had no trouble hearing America when the got on stage.
 America really put on a great show, they are not a band I have ever really followed I am familiar with their popular hits but that all.  They really rocked on those classics, the newer stuff did impress me as much...
 With the exception of their "back page project" their interpretation of song "they wish they had wrote"  the cover of the Gin Blossoms hit "Till I hear if from you" was particularly good.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adventure in the backyard

Not far from our apartment there is a business complex and behind it Ariana found an old rail trail. So with the wonderful weather yesterday we decided to explore a bit.
The rail passes under the highway.  The garbage is a contrast with the impressive art of the graffiti.
Who ever did this has a great eye for color to bad he or she is doing this someplace almost no one will ever see. 
Then its off on a trail that runs along the edge of the office park we go about a half a mile...
and find a gap in the fence behind our apartment.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Side trip to Gloucester

A few weeks ago Ariana Discovered a "secret beach" in Gloucester MA.  We stopped in "on the way home" from a 1st Birthday Party (for the child of one of Ariana's friends). 

 Interesting looking house we saw on the way.
 The Beach as you can see people live there so its not actually hidden. Its also very rocky so not too many sunbathers I suspect.  Still it is a bit secluded and quite nice. 
 I believe this is Eastern point light house
 Me a the beach!
 The classic Rocky cost line of New England.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boston and the MFA

 First was an early dinner late lunch at Fire and Ice were I discovered the flatware is magnetized! Then we walked down the Commonwealth Avenue Mall
 Statue of John Glover a Hero of the American Revolution (the man who brought you Washington crossing the Delaware
 Fire Fighter memorial.
 Statue of Samuel Eliot Morison Historian and Author
Ariana wanted a picture of me with Abigale Adams at the woman's monument in the park. She seems to be glaring at me
 Looking back down Com Ave.
 Jack Daniels
Then we finaly reached the MFA.
 Egyptian Family the husband and father is show twice, its not clear why maybe just ballance the presentation maybe that supposed to be him in his "spiritual" form after death
 Your, you can take it with you after life work force.
 Pharaoh Menkure
 Two Egyptian queens mother and daughter.  This was found in the grave of the daughter (on the right) and was a gift from her mother.  Interestingly they are not portrayed as queens and if it were not for their names appearing on the base of the statue we would not know they were queens. Given that Queens tend to get what they want this must be intentional. 
 Dressed to impress for the afterlife
 From a Nubian Soldiers Grave I like that he wanted the family dogs with him in the "blessed lands"
 Babylonian cylinder seal very small but look at the detain that had to be engraved in mirror image no less
 Greek Coin showing a Turtle
 Greek Coin showing a bee.
 Greek depiction of a lion was one of Ariana's favorite pieces.
The Glass "Icicle"
There are a few more pictures you can look at on the gaming blog