Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hampton Beach 1st trip of 2013

 When I met Ariana a few years ago I was not familiar with Hampton Beach, something she couldn't believe at the time. I am a south shore boy with several beaches in his home town of Marshfield why would I go to a beach in New Hampshire. Anyway some times I think Ariana is trying to make up for this by getting me to go as often as I can.  She love the place and its become special to me as well.
 A few Years ago 2011 I believe Hampton made some major renovations and this building was one of the up grades.  Providing a tourist information center, a first and station and improved staging for shows.  They also upgraded the restroom facilities in a major way.  The did lose the changing rooms which is unfortunate
 One of Ariana's favorite places on the board walk.
 Ariana insisted we take of our shoes it was reasonalbly warm but....
 Not warm enough to do this in my opinion! I think my feet were still cold when I got to bed.
 Horse tracks something you do not see every day here on Hampton Beach
 Surf was high but the water was way to cold to enjoy it.
 We took the long way home making detour to Plum Island to see the light house (our second trip here)
 Sunset looking back over the Merrimack river
The moon over the Atlantic Ocean.

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