Sunday, April 14, 2013

America at the Casino Ball Room Hampoton Beach

 Ariana and headed up to Hampton Beach.  Ari's mother had won us the tickets to the America Concert but first it was time for the first trip to Markey's Lobster pound of the year.
 Lisa Bouchelle was the opening act and frankly a forgettable one.  Half the time we could not understand her I thought it might be the acoustics but... we had no trouble hearing America when the got on stage.
 America really put on a great show, they are not a band I have ever really followed I am familiar with their popular hits but that all.  They really rocked on those classics, the newer stuff did impress me as much...
 With the exception of their "back page project" their interpretation of song "they wish they had wrote"  the cover of the Gin Blossoms hit "Till I hear if from you" was particularly good.

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