Monday, May 13, 2013

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary Marshfield

 After Lunch with Mom and Nana I decided to take a walk at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary or the Daniel Webster Farm as we used to call it.  I have not been here since my college years and things were both much the same and very different.
 Still a lot of turtles hanging out in the sun...
 The observation blinds were popular with the bird watchers though I only saw a few swallows here
 I believe these bird houses may still be the ones I help Steve Carver make some time back in 1991 or so.  It was the first Eagle project I worked on after transitioning form Cub to Boy Scouts.
 If they are not the same they are exactly the same design... This one has a Red-winged black bird always a favorite of mine for its nick-name the Sargent Major Bird.
 I think I saw a fawn in the bush to the left... I am not sure but I am sure I can see a dear trail in the grass... sadly it was much more evident in real life then in the picture.
 Flowering treas are fairly common on the property probably left over from the farming days.
 This bridge is new, next visit I will have to cross and explore that side of the Green Harbor River
 Bench like stone.
 Fox hill the highest point on the farm... maybe 15 feet over the surrounding elevation.

 Front and back panoramas of Fox hill.
 I think this might be a Mill stone... Makes me wonder if it was brought here and dumped or if there was a mill at this location (possibly a windmill, or maybe animal driven.)
 Its the secret trail don't go telling every one!
 This part is fully familiar I recall walking this trail many, many times in my youth.
 Back into an open field...
 then Back into the woods, for some reason looking down a trail in the woods just seems full of possibilities and adventures.
 another flowering tree.
 Same pond from the opposite observation blind.
One problem with the Daniel Webster farm the goose dropping... and it looks like that will be problem for many, many years to come.

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